European LE MC Coalition

Brief History of European LE MC Coalition:

By the initiative of Black Dogs LE MC, negotiations were launched in 2010 across European LEMC clubs to establish closer cooperation.

These negotiations resulted in the establishment of the European LE MC Coalition in 2010.

In 2011, the clubs associated in the European Coalition were invited to the Czech Republic, where the first European LE MC Convention was held.

This memorable meeting took place in a friendly environment of the Živohošť camp, where the European LE MC Coalition meeting was held with the organizational support of the Black Dogs LE MC club for the next four years.
Thus, according to the agreed rules, the tradition of annual meetings with clubs in the European LE MC Coalition was established in different places in Europe.

Sweden Estonia Poland Czech Republic Slovakia Switzerland Germany Holland England Military
Vets LE MC
Patriot Legion LE MC Black Dogs LE MC
Cohortes Equites Pretoriani LE MC
Defenders LE MC
East Patrol LE MC Smoking Barrels LE MC Excubitores LE MC
Lex Legio LE MC
Lex Legio LE MC Lex Legio LE MC Gunfighters LE MC
Lex Legio LE MC
Norway Lex Legio LE MC

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